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The Fiction and Reality of Sadomasochism

A lesdom erotic fiction series with an introduction to caning

4 min readJun 29, 2022


My limited erotic kink series Lesdom Lessons was published in Tantalizing Tales (TT).

Working with the talented staff at TT was a wonderful experience. If you write or read erotica of any flavor, do yourself a favor and head over to Tantalizing Tales.

Showing a complex consensual, pro-social S&M relationship is important to me, given that so much fantasy gets it wrong. In addition, I wrote a primer for those curious about caning. The series is part fantasy, part memoir.

The caning is real. The fiction is I was ever so suave.

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My blue room and a few rattan canes. © Teresa Wymore

About Lesdom Lessons

A young barista, Mia, starts dating an older woman, Avila, who works as a personal trainer. Their relationship evolves into an erotic power exchange, where Avila teaches Mia about the world of BDSM through restraint and caning. As the lessons accrue, Avila discovers Mia doesn’t fit the role she had hoped for her. If Mia can’t be the…



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