Two women embracing in a dark forest with a 1920’s automobile in the background. One woman is blonde and tan with a fashionable dress. the other woman is brunette and pale wearing a fur cape and hat. Both are well-manicured.
© Teresa Wymore


As Dark Things Love Cover Detail

Twisting the genre: the vampire as victim


As Dark Things Love is available at Tantalizing Tales.

This short story is set in the 1920s. Why the 20s? This dark fantasy is a sequel to the horror story The Darker Half of Twilight published at Redemption earlier this year. That one is transgressive, so think twice before reading it. It’s one of my favorite three stories I’ve published here on Medium.

I love the 1920s aesthetic and the unusual approach I made to the vampire genre in that first story: vampires as victims with lives of pain rather than the powerful masters we expect in modern tales.

I don’t start my painting until the story is finished. I decide on a scene I particularly like. Sometimes, it’s the feeling of the scene. Sometimes, it’s the colors. Maybe it’s just that I get to paint something I’ve never painted before, or maybe I’ve taken inspiration from a reference.

In this story, I was excited about painting the auto, but I started with it on a misty street. That look didn’t give me the feeling I craved. Instead, I developed the encroaching dark halo of trees around the two women. I also liked the shock/rapture on the young face — that was a happy accident that I took advantage of.

You likely think the blonde is the vampire and the brunette is her victim?

The young woman is the same character from the painting I did for The Darker Half of Twilight. One of the hardest things to do as an artist is to make the same person in different works. I can paint a thousand faces, and they all look different! This woman was a young brunette, pale, with straight hair, and — to give a sense of disease— red, sore skin around the eyes and nose.

Did I succeed with duplicating her in such different circumstances?

Two women in the rain wearing fatigues. A brunette white woman holds a brunette woman of color by the neck gently with her lips against her cheek.
© Teresa Wymore

Painting in Procreate

The car is a 1928 Rolls Royce Phantom Shadow. Metallic green. Gorgeous machine. I mostly paint people. Organics, you…



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