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Stories and illustrations in many genres that may include violence, bad language, great sex**, and whiskey. Some stories also contain kink, restraint, intimate violence, rape, animal cruelty, gore.


Memoir, family, religion, and my writing process. I crave authenticity in erotic fiction, and as a woman with no shame, I’m happy to speak when others are silent. All in the name of truth, of course. And better sex.

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DARKLAW COMPENDIUM | Stories, Art. Grimdark Epic fantasy, F/F. *Contains graphic violence, rough sex.* (Publication)

STILICHO'S SON | Novel. Historical fiction, ancient Rome, M/M. *Contains intimate violence, rape, gore, animal cruelty.* (Publication)


**it's mostly lesbian

Medium member since March 2022
Editor of Darklaw and Stilicho’s Son
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Teresa Wymore

Teresa Wymore

Power & sex • Medium Top Writer LGBTQ • Fantasy, Erotica, Art • Polyamorous ⚢ spanker, empty-nester ❤️ CrossFit | | she/her